Posted on 2017-11-17 00:08:01

MLGB, the first eSports club in Canada, is proud to announce its partnership with MSI (Micro-star International). They are delighted to be working with MSI to further enhance their performance in the eSports scene.

As one of the most renowned gaming brands in the world, MSI’s mission is to provide its customers with a breathtaking digital experience whether or not they are in the competitive scene. Since its conception in 1986, MSI has won world-renowned product design awards and recognitions from over 300 media companies in 50 countries worldwide.

MSI’s unwavering commitment to Top Player – Top choice has led to its partnership with over 15 professional gaming teams internationally. With their focus on creating high tech products characterized by thrilling quality and performance, the MSI gaming series has proven to be able to meet the most demanding needs and expectations in the global eSports scene.

MSI will continue to thrive as a principal gaming brand in the digital era, and lead in the industry by creating contemporary designs with the needs of the consumers in its heart. “Innovation with Style” is truly a core brand value that MSI has firmly upheld since its founding.